Why we have policies?

Policies and procedures help new staff and families to familiarise themselves with our sevices and gives them information about what to expect.

Our policies and procedures are well thought out and implemented. They provide common understanding and agreement on how things should be done at JD Childminding. Procedures provide clear instructions and guidelines on what should/must be done in a particular set of circumstances or with regard to a particular issue. 

Full Policies

The policies below are only segments of our main policies. A copy of our full policies and procedures are given when your child joins the setting and are availible on request.

Our policies are reviewed regularly and ammended when needed.


Our first responsibility and priority is towards the children in our care. If we have any cause for concern we will report it to the relevant bodies, following the Local Safeguarding Children Board (LSCB) procedures. 

We keep up to date with child protection issues and relevant legislation by taking regular training courses. 

We work together with parents and other professionals to make sure the care of your child is consistent.


We promote the good health of the children and take necessary steps to prevent the spread of infection. 

We only administer prescription medication to children if it is prescribed for by a doctor, dentist, nurse or pharmacist and has that child’s name on the prescription label.  

We keep written records of all medicines administered to children in our care.

If any staff are involved in the administration of a prescription medicine that requires technical/medical knowledge then I will ensure that they have attended individual training from a health care professional, specific to the child in question.

Risk Assessment

We keep children safe by assessing any risks to their safety whilst allowing them the opportunity to take measured risks to support their learning and development.

We check our setting daily to ensure there are no hazzards. 

We also carry out risk assessments on any new places we visit.

Health and Safety

We promote and ensure the good health and safety of children in our care in line with the requirements laid out in the EYFS Framework, and Health and Safety Executive. 

We encourage children to learn about good personnal hygiene and to make healthy food choices.

Accident & Emergency

All our staff are certified in Paedeatric First Aid which is renewed every three years. 

We record all details in an accident, incident book, which are available for parents.

In the event a serious accident/incident occurs Ofsted will be informed.

Care Learning & Play

Children learn when they are in a safe and caring environment where they are stimulated through play. Babies and young children develop best when they are in a caring relationship with an adult.

We strive to provide your child with an environment that will be caring, fun and stimulating. We follow the Early Years Foundation Stage guidelines when providing care for your child which includes 7 main areas of learning